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The primary function of the Office of Facility Planning and Management is to provide administrative coordination to the operation of capital projects, Physical Plant and Central Plant activities on campus. Our mission is to provide a positive living, learning and working environment for our students, faculty and staff. These objectives are achieved by creating and maintaining state-of-the-art physical facilities, as well as upgrading the infrastructure to support future growth of the university. As educational paradigms change, the face of the institution and organization must be prepared to accept, embrace and utilize available technology in the performance and execution of our assigned goals.

Office of Facility Planning and Management

As campus essential workers, Xavier University of Louisiana’s Facilities Maintenance crew is working tirelessly to keep our campus clean and well maintained during this time of COVID-19. We realize we are the front line in keeping the XULA community safe and stopping the spread of the virus. 

At the onset of the virus in New Orleans in mid-March, the custodial team and maintenance crew began special training on enhanced virus awareness, preparedness and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning and disinfecting touchpoints in buildings across campus several times a day and guidance on how to work safely during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As the City of New Orleans “Stay Home” order for COVID-19 became a reality, due to the rapid rise of virus cases, the crews began to mobilize to prevent a spread of cases on campus. Maintenance would shut down some high traffic or possibly exposed areas on campus for at least 24 hours from their last entry. Afterwards, crews would move in to clean and disinfect areas to eradicate any possible traces of the virus and also check A/C filters and any maintenance needs for that area. This included deep sanitation of all hard surfaces—including door handles, elevator buttons and handrails. At all times, OSHA, CDC, and ASHRAE standards and recommendations were reviewed and utilized as needed.

The university is working with vendors and contractors to maintain products and services and continue this cleaning and maintenance schedule moving forward. Additionally, once a building is identified as closed, crews are currently going through each to decontaminate all hard surfaces, with the exception of personal items. After decontamination, areas remain closed with posted signs. 

Eventually, the campus will reopen, so the best way to thank our facilities workers, for now, is to stay home, to help continue protecting staff and the campus. Once allowed back on campus, please keep your workspace sanitary. While closures should have been long enough for any viruses to die, you can never be too safe. Take time to clean areas with a solution that is at least 70% alcohol or an approved CDC disinfectant that can kill COVID-19. Please continue to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds regularly.

Review the resources below or for additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or (504) 520-7507. Please visit XULA’s COVID-19 page ( for the latest information.

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