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Why Give

When you give to Xavier, you will be supporting research that saves lives, graduates who become leaders in their professions, and policies and programs that have and will better communities on every continent of the globe.


To properly thank and recognize donors for supporting and investing in the university, we annually publish our Honor Roll of Donors, Scholarship Donors, and Planned Giving Society through their generous donations, these generous individuals and organizations - contributors to excellence - confirm their belief in our educational mission and help ensure that our students receive a solid academic foundation. 

With the help of our alumni, parents, friends and corporate and foundation partners, Xavier University of Louisiana can continue to prepare our students to learn, grow and excel. To leave ready to change the world!


Opportunities to Give

Xavier University of Louisiana encourages all donors to make personally meaningful and informed decisions about their contributions. The following list highlights several funding priorities where you can choose to invest your gift.

A critical part of XULA’s mission is to educate those who may be marginalized or overlooked by traditional universities, making sure that no potential is wasted.Many entering students are the first in their family to attend college, and/or high achievers from families with limited resources. Nearly 90% of Xavier’s undergraduates qualify for needs based as well as other forms of financial aid.

A substantial endowment speaks to the strength of our institution. At just over $170 million, XULA’s endowment, while respectable, is modest compared to our peer universities. Now more than ever, a larger endowment provides a solid base that can sustain an institution through uncertain times while enhancing it during times of prosperity and we call on you to not only support our vision for a strong Xavier but invest in the future of our university.

These funds are incredibly valuable and allow us to be more responsive to University priorities, more agile, more independent, and more forward-thinking.

Providing an adequate living, learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff is paramount to our continued growth and success. The University’s original buildings date back to XULA’s founding in 1925 and continue to serve as key administrative and teaching facilities. The buildings that compose the campus physical plant are vital curricular tools of educative transformation, which must be enhanced and maintained.

Specific funding opportunities are available for the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Pharmacy and all related Divisions and Departments.

Specialized programs for students in grades 8 through 12 designed to build student competency and confidence in certain academic fields including math, science, reading, and cultural enrichment. These programs act as a feeder into institutions of higher education and help increase pathways to success by enriching the student’s academic and social development. 

Xavier Student Crisis Aid for Personal Emergencies


One time grants that contribute toward tuition, fees, room and board, or other needs such as medical emergencies, allowing students to escape burdens that often times keep them from completing their degrees.