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Housing & Residential Education

Housing & Residential Education

At Xavier University, we believe that a sense of belonging and community is essential to the student experience. 

Creating an Engaging Community

Our residential education program creates an engaging environment where students live, learn and thrive. We develop a sense of belonging, provide opportunities for personal growth, and foster a safe and supportive environment. Our team aims to make the University of Xavier feel like home. The mission of the Office of Housing & Residence Life to support the academic mission of the institution by providing a safe, comfortable physical environment in which one is able to pursue academic endeavors and achieve personal growth within the boundaries of community standards and respect for others.

 Our primary purpose is to assist in and contribute to the development of the “whole” person (intellectual, spiritual, emotional, ethical and physical components) by utilizing the resources and services of the university and community. Therefore being committed to providing a quality living and learning environment, we will contribute to the overall positive development and education of each student within the residence halls.

3 Main Reasons to Live on Campus:


Living on campus is the best option for students who want to be in the thick of things. By living on campus, you’ll have access to a variety of activities and events that will keep you connected with the Xavier community. You’ll be near your friends and neighbors, which will help make it easier to get involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, or simply having fun.


Living in our residence halls is the safest way to live on campus. Our police department has experienced officers, top-notch security systems (X-card, cameras, and individual keys), and a desk staff that works most of the day and night. You can feel safe and secure living in our residence halls.


Living on campus is the best way to ensure that you're getting the most out of your education. You'll be so close to your classes that walking is easy and convenient—you won't have to worry about fighting for a parking spot or driving long distances. You'll also be near many other important aspects of a student's life: the cafeteria, library, student union and campus recreation center.

The Office of Residential Living at Xaiver University of Louisiana maintains a student-focused living experience for residents by providing dynamic residential communities and co-curricular opportunities in a safe and secure environment. All while advancing the educational mission of the university by developing students and providing resources that foster a positive living-learning experience.

Steps for (On-Campus Living)

  1. You must submit a housing deposit of  $300 housing prior to May 1st. 
  1. Log into the housing portal and submit your housing application.
  2. First-time students do not choose where they live. Housing is manually completed for the 1st time students only. 
  3. First-time students cannot request who they would like to live with due to limited spacing.
  4. Your housing assignment will be posted in your housing portal two weeks after you pay your deposit and apply.
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